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HomoeopathyArc is providing Homoeopathy Courses for the students who wish to pursue homoeopathy as their career. It is our passion for advancing and spreading homoeopathy courses to the very highest level that has given our programmes a leading edge and helped to create a national and international benchmark. The homoeopathy course by HomoeopathyArc is an orientation course for the Homoeopathy Medical System. This Homoeopathy course is meant for lay-people, patients, allopathy doctors, nurses, alternative medicine practitioners, and students who wish to know more about Homoeopathy before choosing it as a career or before starting homoeopathy treatment. The course content has been designed by professional homeopaths and is a flourishing line of career which offers a safer, economical and trusted alternative to the conventional medical system.

Receive a certificate in Homoeopathy Dispensing (CHD) from the national Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) which will be validated by HomoeopathyArc through our tried and trusted homoeopathy course from the study material which will be provided by HomoeopathyArc.

We often get asked, “What’s it like to learn homoeopathy?” One of our students once said,”Learning homoeopathy is a little like going to a university all about you”. We loved that thought, as it sums up homoeopathy really well. If you are beginning your homoeopathic journey as a patient or as a student – this is the course to begin with. The best homoeopathy course developed by one of the most loved homoeopathy teachers in the world!

Not only do you build a new career with our homoeopathy course, you also learn all about what it means to be human and some of the deeper philosophical questions about existence, health and life.

Many people spend time creating a career and family and then come to a point where they feel they have unanswered questions about their life. Maybe they are at a ‘crossroads’ and they fancy a change of direction? Maybe they want to find more balance in life and want to work for themselves? Many people are drawn to studying homoeopathy course through positive personal experiences, and just know that it seems to make sense. Whatever your reason for taking our course, our aim is to listen fully and to provide you with sound information. This will enable you to make a well informed and good decision about your future.
We highly recommend that you have received homeopathic treatment from a professional homeopath, so that you understand this system of medicine from personal experience. This will give you an insight into the role of a practitioner as well as gaining empathy from the patient’s perspective. It might also be helpful to read a good introductory book to homoeopathy, such as the one we suggest as a starter book.
You don’t need to have any specific prior experience or training to enrol with us. You do need to be willing to study and if you like researching and pulling together ideas, this is right up your street! Being self-motivated and organized is also pretty vital. But most important of all are general ‘life skills’ as a level of maturity is needed, and this is rarely an appropriate training for anyone who has just left school.

To become a fully qualified professional homeopath takes three to four years of training. Having said this, you can simply take it as far as you wish to, and some people just want to prescribe for family and friends, in which case you can go as far as Year One or Two. You will receive a lot of input from teachers and mentors, but you must also be prepared to devote time to studying and, in later stages of the course, seeing patients. Study time varies from individual to individual and from course to course, but as a guide, the requirement is roughly equivalent to that of an Open University course, at about 15 hours per week.
Each course provider sets their own fees and we always ensure that our courses are competitively and fairly priced. In the first stages, you should allow for course fees and book lists, and later on for the addition of clinical supervision and perhaps also remedies.
The study of homoeopathy can be quite far-reaching and it is a really good idea to find someone who can be called upon for support and maybe just a shoulder now and then. Ideally, your partner or family will be supportive, and in addition you may have friends and your own homeopath. Once you are up and running, you may also enjoy the friendship and connections that can be made with other students and you may find local study groups a real boost to your study.
During the advanced stages of the course, you will be building your practice under the care of supervision. This means you will be entering the marketplace as a professional homeopath upon graduation. Many homeopaths are self-employed and, whilst this can be a big plus for many, it is important to take into account this may also involve a more unpredictable income and the need to be adaptable. Other aspects that you will consider at some stage will be marketing and maintaining accounts etc. It also means you need to set realistic charges and make sure you get paid!

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