HomoeopathyArC  Satellite Case Taking  Center Franchisee

1. FREE online consultation & treatment prescription for local patients  for HomoeopathyArC Satellite Case Taking Center.
2. FREE One set of HomoeopathyArC Skill Development Kit, which includes :
(a) HomoeopathyArC Case Taking Format.
(b) Notes on Specific & Constitutional Approach.
(c) HomoeopathyArC  Super Speciality  54  Formulations details.
(d) Effective formulations for 110 diseases.
3. FREE  enrolment in any one certificate course ( CHD / CCH / CAT ) for the Applicant  (own self), who is taking franchisee of our    HomoeopathyArC  Satellite Case Taking Center.
4. HomoeopathyArC will post medicines at the Center, for their patients. Only on advance payment deposite of net rate basis by the Center.

HomoeopathyArC Business Associate T & C

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