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Homoeopathy (also spelled homoeopathy or homoeopathy) from the Greek words similar suffering, is  an alternative medicine that attempts to treat “like with like.” The term “Homoeopathy” was coined by the German physician Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann (1755–1843) and first appeared in print in 1807, although he began outlining his axiom of medical similar in a series of articles and monographs in 1796.

HomoeopathyArC Vision :-

To spread the benefits of Homoeopathy to the last person of the society.

HomoeopathyArC Mission :-

To propagate advance methods, scientific approach & latest practices of Treatment, Research & Education for better Healthier globe by Homoeopathy, at an affordable cost.

Academic Award 

 Gold medal awarded by Mr. B. R. Yadav  &  Mr. S. N. Sharma, Hon’ble Minister,Govt. of M.P. on 10 April 1998, at Bhopal for attaining merit position in DHMS final year  examination

Social Award

Utkarstha Chikitsa Ratna Award,  2007-08 for prompt services in Prevention of Epidemic Chikunguninea. Awarded by Dr. Sharad Pandit, CMHO Indore Region & Mr. Ramesh Mendola, President B.J.P Indore City Division

Books Written by Dr. Vishal Porwall
Publised by Indian Books & Periodicals Publisher, New Dehli

Clinical Compilation of Homoeopathy

Constitutional Cleavage in Homoeoapthy

State Homoeopathy Council M.P. Registration 

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